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At 1Fix.me, we provide professional web development and application services optimized for today’s business environment. Specializing in cutting-edge technologies such as React, NextJS, and TailwindCSS, our team of experts ensures that your project is executed to the highest standard.

Our key technologies include:

Frontend Development:

We utilize React and NextJS to create dynamic and responsive interfaces that deliver excellent user engagement and high performance.

CSS Frameworks:

TailwindCSS allows us to quickly craft stylish and functional designs that meet the latest web development standards.


Our team is proficient in JavaScript and TypeScript, enabling us to develop robust and scalable applications.

Backend Development:

Our backend solutions leverage the latest server-side technologies to ensure secure, efficient, and scalable application logic and APIs. We are experienced in Node.js, Express, and other frameworks that interface seamlessly with frontend applications for a full-stack development experience.


We work with a wide range of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite, to ensure fast and efficient data processing.

CMS Integration:

For content management, we offer solutions based on Strapi and WordPress, providing you with powerful tools to manage your resources in real time.

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