Secure direct data delivery using custom tokens

Secure direct data delivery using custom tokens

Secure the data flow of your custom React forms and quizzes with our dedicated form service at 1Fix.me. Our unique token-based authentication system ensures that every submission via your forms and quizzes is securely managed, providing unmatched security and privacy for your business and your users.

Service Workflow

  • Unique Account Creation: We create a unique account for each company utilizing our forms and quizzes, issuing a specialized token for each form or quiz.
  • Secure Token Integration: This token is integrated into the form or quiz code developed through our Custom React Forms and Quizzes service, ensuring that data is transmitted securely and only to the intended recipient.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Data Security: Data submitted through your forms is transmitted via secure protocols and processed on our gateway servers without any content analysis or personal data collection. This guarantees the privacy and security of the information shared.
  • Direct Email Delivery: Submission data is sent directly to the site owner’s email, bypassing third-party servers, which means no involvement from advertising giants or risk of data misuse.
  • Spam and Tampering Protection: Our service uses sophisticated algorithms to prevent misuse by spammers or malicious entities. If the form’s code is embedded by intruders on another site, our servers will recognize the mismatch and prevent data transmission.
  • Custom SMTP Server Usage: Messages are sent using the site owner’s SMTP servers, enhancing the security level since no external advertising servers are involved.

Subscription Details

The service operates on a subscription basis. The cost for one token is EUR 60 per year for up to 20 daily submissions, and EUR 120 for up to 100 daily submissions. For higher volumes, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Ready to Secure Your Online Forms and Quizzes?

Protect your digital assets and ensure the highest level of data integrity with 1Fix.me. Reach out today to learn more about our token-based form and quiz management service and to get started with securing your data transmissions.

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